Gideon’s 300

Gideon’s 300 is the world missions outreach of Lake Area Bible Church Inc., Melrose, Florida

We are called Gideon’s 300 because we see ourselves as a part of God’s miracle plan to help leaders He has raised up in different nations to reach the people.

Our efforts involve prayer support, financial support, and “going” support.

In Judges chapter 7, on that fateful night in Israel when Gideon made his unthinkable attack on the thousands of invading Medianites, Gideon had 300 amazing people who made up his 300 man army.  As the story goes they surrounded their enemies at night equipped with only an empty pitcher, a lamp, a trumpet, and their own voices.

As they did what they were instructed to do, raising the lamp in the empty pitcher, blowing their trumpet, and shouting, “The sword of the Lord and of Gideon” a miracle of deliverance took place.  They broke their pitchers and held forth their lamps as they cried out.

Allegorically, this is what we believe we are doing.  To reach the world seems like an impossible challenge. But, as we 1. Break our pitchers – let God help us go beyond our natural limitations 2. Hold forth our lamp – let our little light shine, and 3. Blow our trumpets and lift our voices, no matter how weak they seem or obscure…God takes our few loaves and fishes and does what we could never do for ourselves or others.

This is what Gideon’s 300 is about.  Every year we call the army together in September to sign up for 12 supernatural months of world outreach.   Each year is different, with different assignments, but we always endeavor to be led by the Holy Spirit in our advances with the light into the darkness.

On this page you will see some scenes in a number of places around the world where God has sent our relatively small congregation.  Many souls, much encouragement and support to spiritual leaders called to their nation has been the result.